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Make Faces at Me

I found out via Language Log that the new Fox show "Lie to Me" features Paul Ekman's Facial Action Coding System as a way of detecting lies. Ekman is serving as the show's scientific adviser and keeping a blog in...


I always wish I could read the articles about The Wire, but I'm only gradually catching up with the show on DVD, and spoilers are not my friends. I'm currently up to the middle of Season 3. When I do...

More on Music Rights

Some addenda to the last entry: Via Kottke, articles in the Times and Slate about "Killer of Sheep", a student film made in 1977 by Charles Burnett that has received many accolades, such as being added to the National Film...

New DVDs: Mythbusters and No Reservations

I've been meaning for a while to write an entry adding to the chorus of supplication for sane DVD releases of Mythbusters and Anthony Bourdain's television work. I never saw A Cook's Tour, and I've only seen a few episodes...

On Demand (if we feel like it)

Twice recently I've been pushed, by unnecessary limitations of the technology I pay for, into the arms of unauthorized copies or downloading of media. In the first case, Maya and I had been watching the Showtime series "Dexter" on demand....

The Appeal of 'House'

Recently I've had occasion to catch a few episodes of "House, M.D." At first I enjoyed the show as being analogous to the Sherlock Holmes stories: a central character with plenty of eccentricities, but with abilities that tower over all...

50 checks the FTSE

This is another ad I've been puzzled by (what can I say, it's been happening a lot lately). In this case I feel more like a sucker for writing about it, because merely by hiring 50 Cent to be...

Knights of Nine Times Six

I've been seeing ads for an upcoming TV Movie on A&E called Knights of the South Bronx, starring Ted Danson. It's about a guy named David MacEnulty who was the coach of my junior high school chess team for a...

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