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Ravages of Computer Aging

After nearly four years, the power adapter on my Powerbook has finally given out. For quite a while I've had to twist it around to get it to light up. And now it lights up no more. I should feel...

More on Shared Media Libraries

I've come to a rather indecisive decision on the problem of sharing a photo library between two computers, as discussed at the bottom of this entry. Some googling brought me to this discussion on the Adobe Forums of sharing a...

Defending the Kindle

Evan Williams' post is the second defense of the Kindle that I've read recently. The first was at 37 Signals' blog Signal vs. Noise, and it did them no favors in my mind given that Jeff Bezos is an investor...

DVDPedia: a fine soft ware

Last friday I followed a link from Daring Fireball about one of its weekly sponsors, Bruji, makers of software called DVDPedia, BookPedia, GamePedia, and CDPedia, for keeping track of your collections of those things. I was immediately drawn to...

When the things you buy are not quite yours

John Gruber at Daring Fireball writes about why people get angry in situations like Apple disabling the SIM unlocking and third-party application hacks for the iPhone with a software update. It is a 'misguided mindset', he says, to 'to expect...

An idea for clipboard and selection on the iPhone

A few weeks ago I was talking with a coworker about a piece on Daring Fireball explaining why there is no clipboard and text selection on the iPhone (in short, the click-and-drag action anywhere on the screen had to be...

Digging into Google's search algorithms

I read with interest the Times's recent article digging further into Google's search algorithms and their search quality team. I was most suprised at the number (about 200) and specificity of tweaking factors they use in finding and ordering search...

Naming your Robots

A few years ago, while on a trip to California, my coworkers and I visited the offices of one of the few other companies in the medical robotics field. The company makes a telepresence robot--a doctor operates it with a...

On Demand (if we feel like it)

Twice recently I've been pushed, by unnecessary limitations of the technology I pay for, into the arms of unauthorized copies or downloading of media. In the first case, Maya and I had been watching the Showtime series "Dexter" on demand....

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