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Notes From Spain: Miscellany

The streets of Barcelona's Eixample (expansion) district were laid out according to a master plan by Ildefons Cerda. Their most striking feature is the chamfered octagonal blocks, creating square spaces at intersections, as seen above. These are intended to...

Notes From Spain: A Meal at Cinc Sentits

Cinc Sentits is one of the best-regarded restaurants in Barcelona. It has the atmosphere of a temple of gastronomy: hushed, with few tables. At one point a cook walked out the front door and took delivery of something in a...

Notes From Spain: A Meal at Comerc24

Comerç24 is a restaurant in the modern Spanish trend of experimentation and presentation, but the menu is mercifully light on foams and airs. These descriptions of the dishes are from my notes; I won't be able to write very detailed...

Notes From Spain: Restaurants

Without further ado, remarks on some of the places we dined in Spain. Barcelona Neyras Via Laietana, 41 We wandered into this place on our first night in town. It turned out to be a perfectly serviceable tapas restaurant,...

Notes From Spain: Food

Food was a major focus of my preparation for our trip to Spain. As usual I got a lot of my information from eGullet. I visited the sites of individual restaurants and consulted this Spanish Food Dictionary when necessary....

Notes From Spain: Language

I like to use trips as a reason to learn a new language. I studied Japanese in preparation for my trip in 2004, and tried to study Spanish before going to Puerto Rico in 2006. The second effort didn't...

Notes From Spain

It's well past time to write about our trip to Spain in August. We flew to Barcelona and stayed there for six days, then took the train to Valencia for five days, then took the train back to Barcelona for...

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