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The Ondes Martenot and Expressive Power in Instrument Design

Since Radiohead started using it I've known the Ondes Martenot was a very cool instrument, that it's rare, and that it was used by the composer Olivier Messaien. But I never realized how it worked, and just how ridiculously cool...

Phone of Time

Smule develops iPhone apps. These include Ocarina, a virtual instrument that takes advantage of many of the device's input methods: the touch screen to cover virtual holes, the microphone as a breath controller, and the accelerometer to control timbre by...

Life to Rhythm conversion

I'm equal parts excited and jealous (that I didn't think of it) about the iPhone app RjDj, which creates beats on the fly out of the sounds coming in from the microphone. I've been trying for a while now to...

Tools and Resources for Learning Spanish pt. 2: The Rosetta Stone

I'd been curious about the Rosetta Stone software for a while before I decided to try it with Spanish. Their ads make some bold claims about "dynamic immersion" but don't give much detail about how it works. It turns out...


Flickr's new 3.0 version of Uploadr is very timely. I was just about to tear my hair out and/or write an entry complaining about the previous versions. First, the Windows and Mac versions were as different as I've ever seen....

Got a Good Anti-Spam Idea? Don't Tell Anyone

At A List Apart, the article Graceful E-Mail Obfuscation makes me think about a funny aspect of the spam war. There's a neverending march of articles with the latest and greatest method for defeating spam in its many pernicious forms....

DVDPedia: a fine soft ware

Last friday I followed a link from Daring Fireball about one of its weekly sponsors, Bruji, makers of software called DVDPedia, BookPedia, GamePedia, and CDPedia, for keeping track of your collections of those things. I was immediately drawn to...

Two Software Gripes, Pt. 2: iGoogle

I've been using the tragically named iGoogle service for a while now, though I had never used a personalized home page service before it. Those clever bastards have a way of getting you to use their new services by insinuating...

Two Software Gripes, Pt. 1: Firefox Memory Management

For all its life, that I know of, Firefox has been subject to criticism about memory usage. For a long time I took it for granted that it had a "memory leak," and only gradually did I start to wonder...

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