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Emptying the queue: bladesmiths and fugue states

A bunch of links I've been meaning to post for too long: FX Cuisine documents the well-funded culinary adventures of a French-speaking Swiss man. While I envy his photographic setup and his travel budget, I have to give him credit...

Achery Zen

This Times piece on archers interests on a few levels: An amazing number of archers are at one time or another plagued by "target panic," a condition in which they can't help releasing the arrow as soon as they see...

Finding Yourself

According to the Times's article on Googlegängers, In studies involving Internet telephone directories, Social Security death index records and clinical experiments, Brett Pelham, a social psychologist, and colleagues have found in the past six years that Johnsons are more likely...

Looking For: DVDs with emotional talking heads

I've been interested for a few years, on and off, in the work of Paul Ekman. He did a lot of research into how our faces react to our emotions. He discovered that the meaning of emotional facial expressions is...

Getting the message

I observed recently that when someone I frequently communicate with asks me, "Did you get my message?" it's often impossible for me to know whether they're referring to the last message I did get from them, or another later one...

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