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An Evening with Tatsuya Nakadai

On June 24th Maya and I attended an evening with Tatsuya Nakadai at Film Forum. Nakadai is one of Japan's premier film actors and, according to the presenters, the premier theater actor there. In the sixties and seventies he worked...

Criterion Completism

A quick shout-out to the Criterion Contraption, where an aspiring screenwriter is watching and writing about every DVD released by the Collection. You can use the index to read each piece in order of spine number, and that's what I've...

You don't want to know

Whatever its flaws as a movie, "Cloverfield" seems to make an instructive case study in marketing. Not that I know anything about the subject. But as a consumer it was interesting to observe how I and others reacted to its...

On Demand (if we feel like it)

Twice recently I've been pushed, by unnecessary limitations of the technology I pay for, into the arms of unauthorized copies or downloading of media. In the first case, Maya and I had been watching the Showtime series "Dexter" on demand....

Some nice visual effects demos

These videos from Buzz Image manage to be some of the clearest demonstrations and explanations I've seen of modern visual effects techniques, and they do it entirely without narration. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is delightful for any fans...

What Really Happened

Spoiler alert: talk of what happens in several recent films ahead. Two screenwriting trends that have emerged in recent years have caught my attention. The first is the device in which, while at first glance the movie appears to tell...

Unrealized Film Script

A while ago I found in the subway a movie script that appeared to have previously belonged to an agent or someone like that. It included a cover sheet with several interesting details. The project is for "Phil Acting", he...

Baumbach on the rise

A while ago I saw a movie on IFC a couple times called "Kicking and Screaming" (not the Will Ferrell one from last year). It was directed by Noah Baumbach, and was really really good. I was dismayed to find...


From Netflix: P3K: Pinocchio 3000 Malcolm McDowell and Howie Mandel lend their voices to this retelling of Pinocchio set in the futuristic city of Scamboville, where high-tech tinkerer Gepetto dreams of being a father. With help from cyberpenguin Spencer and...


Took the terrible 8pm-midnight nap tonight. Dreamt that I was part of what I would call a vigilante HVAC squad; you see we go in and secretly fix up the systems when the building management doesn't want it done the...

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