A common affliction

If I were a Times reporter I would write an entire article just to get in a paragraph like this:

Since its inception, the [federal Railroad Retirement] board has been so riven with conflicts that it took a half century to update what were supposed to be temporary disability standards, leaving in place until 1998 archaic diagnostic terms like “cretinism,” “imbecility” and "middle-class moronism.” Simply having a “repugnant” scar could qualify someone as disabled.

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you could start a whole blog just to write paragraphs like that - probably would get some more traffic, these comment sections have become a little too quiet.


Yeah, it would be nice to have more of an audience. But I've never been a good self-promoter. This site long ago fell way down in Google rankings for anything but the most obscure and specific topics, like Tommy February6 and the Omnichord. The best way I can think of to attract more links and readers is to write some original and authoritative stuff and then wander the web evangelizing it. But, well, see above...and it's not my highest priority right now.


reading that comment again, it sounds kinda harsh! didnt mean to be...




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